What We Do

We leverage all possible resources for the betterment of individuals and families.

Concession Service Training

This JRT certificate program offers an opportunity to obtain skills applicable to the Food & Beverage Concession Service Industry.
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Community Service Hours Available

Are you looking for community service hours? We at WRRP have community service hours available for those who are looking for them. Find out how you can participate.

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Rehabilitative Mental Health Training

Our Rehabilitative Mental Health Provider Training is a JRT certificate program that provides 12-hours of the initial and Nevada Medicaid mandatory 16-hour competencies and in-service trainings.
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Become A Volunteer

If you have a passion for making a difference becoming involved is a wonderful way to show your support towards our mission.

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Pantry Services

We provide canned and dry foods to clients in need. This service is only for people who participate in one or more of our programs.

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Please donate. There are several ways to donate.

What our Clients Say

As soon as I walked in the door at WRRP I knew it was the place for me. I’m use to people looking at me with judgment as soon as they learn of my past. After not working for three years and having a criminal background, no one would look twice in my direction for employment. This was not the case at WRRP. All I received was welcome and encouragement. I started right away with the volunteer program. I began feeling better about myself and I was determined to let WRRP know how grateful I was for the chance I was given, and to show them that I was there for a purpose. After being with the program since May of 2015, I have worked my way up from a volunteer to the Lead of the volunteer program as well as working in the office as an administrative assistant. I’m not stopping there either! WRRP gave me the chance that no one else would even consider and I’m giving WRRP my best. Don’t ever let anybody discourage you from doing anything. With the right support and encouragement, like WRRP gave me, the sky is the limit!- Stacci Pack
I am very thankful for the training and knowledge that I have gained from WRRP's job readiness training program. I was able to secure a full-time job and I am more than pleased that I experienced this agency. Thank you WRRP.- Clifford Washington
WRRP, as far as programs in employment, education and advocacy are concerned, has helped me become more economically self-sufficient as well as empowered me as a person. I am more than grateful for WRRP's programs and services.- Mary Weston
WRRP so far has been a great interpersonal growth situation for me. The Volunteer Coordinator has been a great help and is an awesome person. I've been excited and enthusiastic about the upcoming events that I will volunteer and participate at. It couldn't be any better than this. I love it!- Terrance Howlett